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Hi there! If you are doing SEO and you want to use Social Network to improve SEO results. That is the right way because now-a-day Social Network platform is one of the most important channels to get more real traffic. But you need to know which Social Network gonna working well. Don’t waste time for all of Social Network Media you know, you must focus on some of top best social network to improve SEO. Good news, this article gonna show you which one is the best.

Why you should use Social Network to improve SEO

At first, SEO means Search Engines Optimization. It means you will do many things to make your website get a higher rank on Search Engines. There are many methods to improve your rank and using Social Network is one of them. Now, I’m gonna tell you why you should Social Network to make your website on top of Google.

Why you should use Social Network to improve SEO
Why you should use Social Network to improve SEO

A Social Network is a Search Engines as well

Every Social Network has a search feature and when you want to get more visitors to your website you must follow the algorithm of them. That means you must do the same thing with Google, Bing, Yahoo,… Optimize your title, description, thumbnail, keyword,… for every post. Thus, you increase your rankings in Social Network and improve the SEO process for search engines.

A Social Network Profile

Search engines in Social Network will let you know which pages are among the top, and that’s why you have to build a profile to attract visitors. It is necessary to have as consumers prefer to check it before they enter your website. Therefore, a social media profile is an opportunity to provide a consciousness of the brand’s personality and to branding it.

Increased traffic

You should know how Social Network affects your website traffic. The more people visit your links that you share on these platforms, the more it increases. That’s why making a unique brand’s profile, and page’s post is essential to get the visitors. You will improve the search engines ranking as much as you boost the traffic by using social media.

Increased influence

The definition of influencing on Social Network is brand authority. It is easy to understand as the interactions such as likes, shares, subscribe or follows, etc. These features indicate people’s concern about your brand. The more you have, the more people will click and visit your website.


Backlinks is defined as a technique to increase the traffic to the website. You will publish an external link as it is inbound and will redirect to the website you want. Its mechanism will increase the traffic and improve your website ranking in search engines, especially when you apply this technique on reliable platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

How Social Network Connect with SEO

There is a connection between Social Network and SEO, and it is based on the backlinks and sharing mechanism. For example, your post on Social Network has useful information, and it gathers people’s attention. They will share it with their friends and followers.
The more sharing, the more people consider it useful for their life. Accordingly, Google will consider the signal from this mechanism to increase the ranking of your website. The reason is that they value high-quality links based on their beneficial practicality for society and use the signal as a part of ranking factors.

Top 10 Social Network Platforms For Improved SEO

Let’s take a look at a list of the most useful Social Network platforms for SEO improvement.


Youtube is one of the most famous platforms that you can take advantage of, your SEO process improvement is significant.
As you know, one of the most effective ways to attract people to the brand is to show them by video. Therefore, it is a great Youtube’s benefit as it allows people to upload their video on the personal site they create.
Nowadays, Youtube is a subsidiary of Google and is ranked as the second most popular global Social Network. It has more than 2 billion users worldwide, so you can imagine how extensive the interaction and search engine’s ability is.
Although it only increases your website’s traffic slightly, Youtube’s primary benefits come from brand awareness, social presence improvement, and sales conversion.


Facebook is not a strange name as it is nearly a part of our life. Facebook statistics indicate more than 2.8 billion monthly users in the fourth quarter of the year 2020. It means this platform is extreme potential to improve SEO search engine.
Many people use Facebook every day, and they have a hobby of conveniently searching for anything on this platform. Therefore, it is casual as people look for the brand’s Facebook page before visiting the official website.
If you are looking for a Social Network that increases the traffic to your website, Facebook with the page’s feature is recommended.

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Twitter is an excellent option among popular Social Network platform with over 353 million daily users in 2020. It is considered one of the largest social search engine for daily news.
This platform users often update the newest information, discuss trend topics, and in the Twitter post, you can show up the backlinks directly, which leads to the website you want. Therefore, if you’re going to attract more visitors, you should tweet regularly by using correct hashtags or catchy headlines because people often search for them.


Pinterest is a Social Network platform that only include images. It is a massive storage of shared images that attract people worldwide. According to statistics, “there are over 335 million active users, and in the U.S, it is the third-largest Social Network.
People use Pinterest to share their images and find the interesting ones by searching pins based on hobbies and favorites. Your website will approach the correct targets increasing amount of loyal visitors as you use this platform.


Instagram is a solid pick among popular platforms if you want to improve search engines’ SEO process. It has over 1 billion active users every month, and 81% of people using Instagram to research products and services. Besides, half of the users will visit the website to check after checking your images and videos on this platform.

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That’s why many brands have used Instagram to present their products, such as fashion ones. To get visitors from Instagram, you should make a visual impact effectively using attractive images and videos.


With more than 675 million monthly users, this platform is one of the best Social Network for SEO improvement. It is well-known as it connects businesses, especially for business-to-business. A potential client will enter your website and purchase if you can engage it on LinkedIn.
In the long run, LinkedIn will be a great platform for improving the SEO process and spreading your brand worldwide.


Reddit becomes famous since it provides a place for social news, web content rating, and various things. It is one of the most well-known Social Network platforms that effectively improve SEO search engine for your website.
In 2020, there are 420 million monthly users worldwide, and the average time for a user to use Reddit is over 10 minutes per day. It means you can easily get your website’s attention by attracting them through your post on Reddit.


Flickr is not only a popular Social Network but also a online image storage with huge capacity. The number of photos shared on this platform is over 1 billion, and it increases by 1 million every day.
People often embed and share their images on this platform, and it also creates a hobby of searching the favorite pics. Therefore, you can quickly get visitors to your website by uploading the attractive images.


Quora is known as a famous Social Network which provides questions and answers. It attracts more than 300 million people to use per month, and they often search to find solutions for their questions. Therefore, if your site includes useful information for society, you can use backlinks to collect the visitors who look for valuable answers and additional information.
Let’s take a look at some of its statistics proving that Quora is suitable for SEO


Most people use Tumblr as an interesting social platform. People use it to share their status or check others’ one. That’s why till 2019, there are over 171.5 billion posts generated in the Tumblr.
It supports many formats such as video, photo, chat, audio, quote, etc. The Tumblr also allows reblogging, which is likely retweeting in Twitter.
Therefore, using Tumblr for improving SEO is an ideal option among many top Social Network platforms.

Simple Tips On Social Network for Increasing SEO Rankings

Have you ever thought that uploading your post on Social Network is enough to increase SEO rankings? It is a simple move, but you will need more things to make it useful.
Therefore, let’s check our seven simple tips, which are practical in improving SEO with Social Network.

1. High-Quality Content

“Content is king” – This is what you should know if you want to improve SEO through Social Network. Search engine and bots development has reached a high level that understands the essential factors to value high-quality content.
They allow to read and understand the content relevant and user intent based on the search query. The bot is brilliant in checking keywords. It means your content on both websites or other Social Network should be great as it meets the bot’s requirements about grammar, intelligibility, concentration, etc. Therefore, content is always a priority if you want to improve your SEO process through social media platforms.

Quantity vs. Quality

Quantity and quality are both necessary for effective SEO improvement. While quantity can extend the coverage of targets, the quality focuses on attracting a fixed amount of people.
However, it is great if you can combine two factors well. For example, instead of publishing your post every day without a clear efficiency, you should spend time researching the topic in-depth. It provides you with materials that help you understand what readers need and what you should write. An in-depth copy is always better than a superficial one, right?
Therefore, you can write a new topic or rework the old one. The point is to make sure you have more additional valuable data on it. On the other hand, if your content is not as good as you expect, you should try to perform it or change the approach in different ways to get more social signals in improving your SEO.

The Skyscraper Techniques

Skyscraper is the primary content techniques to increase SEO. It is a creative strategy that ensures your article’s performance more significant than your competitors.
To apply this technique, you should follow some vital steps:

  • Search for the posts whose content is with a significant amount of backlinks
  • Create a topic with similar content, but it needs improvements (in length, intelligibility, and updated data)
  • Find marketers who have linked with the original one and reach to them by connecting to your post.

The marketers will link to your content as it is also useful for them.
Therefore, let’s optimize your content by using:

  • Relevant keyword terms.
  • Adding more correct materials.
  • Update the data to make it most valuable.

These components will help you to improve your Social Network SEO.

2. Easy-to-share Content

The more consumers that marketers can reach, the more brand awareness grows. One effective way to improve it on Social Network platforms is to take advantage of the sharing feature.
All you need is an easy-to-share content for everyone, and the tip is to make it a type of calls-to-action content. For example, if your brand is related to healthy food, you can respond to losing weight naturally by a healthy diet. The combination of knowledgeable data and food marketing is the best choice. As a result, followers who have a concern about it will share your posts.
You should also consider your content’s appearance factors that will appeal to people to share, for example, compelling headlines/captions, appealing visuals, useful content, etc.
If users have no choice except to share your posts with their friends and others, you are successful in creating an easy-to-share content.

3. Optimize Social Network Profiles

Social Network profiles are essential as it is likely an introduction before potential clients have an in-depth look at your brand. They need to know who you are and what you do, then they can believe in the content you show.
You should ask yourself about:

  • How attractive and compulsive is your profile?
  • Does it include the significant and other materials that attract people to find what you have?
  • Does your name appear on Google when they search on it?

If your profile is good enough to get the visitors, they will be loyal fans of what you write on Social Network.

4. Optimize Images for SEO and Social Network

Visual is one of the essential methods of marketing communication. It is effective in transmitting the brand’s message and create a great impression on people.
Therefore, you should add images to your blog or Social Network posts. It is more attractive than using only text content that makes readers boring and sleepy. If you optimize your images correctly, it will contribute vitally to improving your SEO.
Here are some tips maximizing your visual:

  • Appropriate file name
  • Correct image format
  • Responsive images
  • Suitable file size
  • Attractive caption with keywords
  • Keywords in alt text and title text
  • Image structured data

Quality also affects how good it improves your SEO, so you should choose high-quality images as it increases your post’s visual attraction.

5. Build Relationships Through Active Interaction On Social Network

As long as you can build a great relationship with users, you can understand the buyer, their needs, and the issues they need to solve. It is easy to make by active conversations on Social Network.
Nowadays, all Social Network platforms promote interaction via social groups, pages, or forums, etc. That’s why you should not be passive to wait for client’s questions, but be active to ask for their thought about your brand, your post. It is also helpful to respond to people’s comments or creating a poll to get what users want to read next on your blog.
These are some effective ways to have a positive conversation and build a great relationship with clients. It also improves your SEO because you are making useful things for society. Thus, this tip can create a stable engagement between followers and your brands, grow follower amount, and increase your site’s rank that Google will judge based on Social Network positive signals.

6. Evaluate Your Social Network Marketing Operations

Have you ever thought you are wasting your time on posts on Social Network? If so, you need to evaluate the marketing operations.
My advice is to have a plan with corresponding targets and goals for each move. For example, when you upload a post, you should think about the benefits it brings. Then, step by step, these benefits support to reach the goals you set up.
Evaluate the operations to help you grow your brand on Social Network. So, there are three things you have to do: building a strategy, set a goal, and measure the results for every process you complete. As a result, you can improve your SEO and get more achievements.

7. Craft Compelling Social Network Posts and Captions

You must find a method to make the best content, and there are two primary ways to build it: focus on the center of storytelling. Center content is easy to make, neither storytelling. Let’s discuss more about its usefulness below.

Why is storytelling so essential and useful as a marketing tool?

Storytelling is a special method that helps you create attractive content. As you know, people want to experience a story than a content with only words. It attracts readers as it leads them and convinces a result they want. At that moment, it is easy to make calls-to-action, which all marketers want to have.
Moreover, a storytelling method creates a soft flow that will imply your business messages without any rough indication. As a result, your content is smooth, polite, and positive, and it makes the readers like, share with their friends and other followers.

How to improve storytelling content

There are three things that you should consider before making a storytelling content:

  • The steps/processes to create it
  • Available forms of storytelling content you can make.
  • Critical questions to attracts readers.
  • Great resources and materials

Don’t forget your original goal is to improve SEO through Social Network, as you should add keywords and other sets up. You can also use relevant hashtags to optimize your content and make it easy for search engines. If so, I believe you can get a great SEO improvement on Social Network.


If you look for a Social Network platform, it is advisable to use Facebook or Instagram. For professional video maker, it will be easy to reach clients by Youtube.
Every Social Network has its strengths as you can increase your brand’s identity and improve SEO for your website.
Although you are not required to link with Social Network platforms, they are a great partner in improving SEO, especially in the 4.0 technology era.
All in all, choosing the best social network is vital because you can maximize both your SEO and marketing goals. I hope you can get great achievement with your chosen platform.

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